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User needs analysis is an essentail part of user centred design. UX designers stay people-focussed by understand their needs and expectations. In building my personal website I identified the needs and expectations listed below. I have also indicated how well this website meets user needs and expectations and what I am going to do about it.

Primary users: Recruiters

As a recruiter I need to know..

  1. how can I contact Guy? I expect to be able to find a mobile phone number, email address or web form.
  2. does Guy have the skills and experience matching a position I am trying to fill? I expect a CV or web pages highlighing his skills and experience.
  3. is Guy available for work at the moment? I expect to find some information indicating Guy's current employment status including his ability to work in the UK.
  4. what do other people think of Guy? How credible is he? I expect to find testimonials from colleagues.

Secondary users: Friends and colleagues

As an ex-colleague I want to know

  1. what is Guy up to these days? I expect to see some articles or portfolio pieces.
  2. how to contact Guy to arrange a catch-up. I expect to find a contact number, email address or web form.
  3. if I can find Guy on social media platforms that I use. I expect to find links to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

These user needs are addressed via the home page and global navigation that appears on all pages of the website. I use Google Analytics to understand how people moave around the website.

I intend to do some usability testing to understand how easy it is for people to find the information they seek on this website.

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I'm available to talk to you about how I might add some value to your digital services and products. You'll find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Gmail (guycarberry).

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