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For 20 years I have worked in web, content, user, and service design. I have quite a broad toolkit of services that I can call on to help improve the customer and user experience of services and products.

As a digital leader

  1. Help you understand where user-centred design fits into your business strategy and process
  2. Help with organisational design and digital transformation
  3. Create job descriptions and career paths to attract the best talent to your organisation
  4. Recruit and select talented people
  5. Lead, coach and mentor design teams
  6. Source and procure services and products, working to and managing budgetary constraints
  7. Plan and roadmap deliverable value
  8. Create style guidelines, standards and supporting documentation
  9. Facilitate discovery workshops
  10. Chair formal and informal governance meetings

As a designer and researcher

  1. Research what people can and can’t find, understand and do on your website
  2. Research how people feel about using your service or product
  3. Research how your competitors are tackling similar challenges
  4. Create wireframes and prototypes of varying fidelity to help test your theories about what will work for your customers
  5. Conduct rapid, agile usability evaluations
  6. Evaluate your product or service for accessibility compliance
  7. Devise and test alternative information architectures
  8. Build accessible, responsive websites
  9. Evaluate the effectiveness of your digital content
  10. Create fresh content across a range of channels in a number of formats

Get in touch

I'm available to talk to you about how I might add some value to your digital services and products. You'll find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Gmail (guycarberry).

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