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Increase B2B leads with improved accessibility

When you consider nearly a quarter of working-age adults have a disability, that’s a lot of potential customers your website could be preventing from contacting you if you haven’t considered their needs.

B2B empathy: humanising business complexity

To design effective user experiences, we need to understand and empathise with the people who are going to interact with our products and services. This is even more so in the Business to Business (B2B) world.

Unlocking business value with User-Centred Design

Adopting an iterative User-Centred Design approach will save you time, money and improve customer experience.

Develop a strong digital strategy

Do you have a vision and strategy that is fit to propel you into the digital age? Does the term ‘digital’ even make sense?

Cultural change for digital success

Digital transformation is as much about changes to ways of working as it is about changes to technology. If you don’t bring people along for the ride or put them in the front seat, you are doomed to failure.

Are you really involving students in your design process?

Higher Education is all about students. To design an exceptional digital experience you need to understand student needs and expectations. Rather than speculate, bring students into the heart of everything you do. Let them participate and lead your research forward.

How to make the student experience more accessible and inclusive

Acknowledging that your students are not like you is the first step. Devising personas and profiles representing the broad student community will provide you with a solid means to objectively assess your work and empathise with users.

Student self-service, the future of higher education

You can reduce student frustration and time spent answering phone calls by putting as much support online as possible. Invest in mechanisms for students to self-serve answers to their questions, freeing up advisers to spend more time answering the more complex queries.

A successful digital team

I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to lead an incredible team of digital experts. Here's what I learned.

How feedback can improve the quality of your digital service

Here are five ways I discovered that analysing feedback helps improve digital services.

Ten opportunities for improving digital student support services

These recommendations are based on my first-hand experience working in digital student support. I worked at The Open University for twenty years, across many different student services at a variety of different levels.

A UX Community of Practice for Higher Education

This evolving article covers how we formed a grass roots Community of Practice (COP) for User Experience (UX) in Higher Education (HE). I will update it as the group grows to document what we did and what we learnt along the way.

My User Centred Design Process

Every user centred design professional has a goto set of tools and methods for getting the most from the tasks they have been set. This article provides a little insight into mine.

Upcoming articles

I have a few articles in progress at the moment covering a number of the different techniques I use as a UX research and design consultant. If you would like to know more about any of the topics listed below, please do get in touch.

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